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2020 – 2023

Trompe- l’oeil

fausse fenêtre et balustrade



False window and balustrade on facade – Avignon


scène de montagne acrylique 3500x2200mm


Wall painting 350 x 230 cm mountain scene. for yoga room Lyon Cx Rousse

centre de yoga Barcelone


Wall painting yoga center Barcelone




peacock and swan wall painting yoga center Barcelona









painting on canvas acrylic paint 40 x 30 cm



cartedevisite Annie3


Illustration for yoga teacher ( Pranayama)





Sant Kirpal Singh President of the World Community of Religions 1957





Amalia Rodrigues. cult Fado singer




Les vitrines 














November- Décember  Shop windows






 facades (détails)



 facades (colors)




Fresquo surréalist

“the yoga sovereign” yoga center of Belgrade Serbie

0 copie 

Déco + Logo  Bakery “Le pain doré’  Lyon 7

Bob apétit



Child’ room “Winnie”

chambre d'enfants copie

Fresquo “Tuscany” +logo

Shop Italian spécialities Italienne COFI

Grenoble – Lyon

fresque toscane_COFI




Fresquo “Yoga & health” 

Global Hospital Mt Abu Rajasthan Inde


Global Hospital Mt Abu Indejpeg    



Novembre -Décembre  Les vitrines


Shop windows White deco

Sketches & réalisations

 May-November Craft market

Acrylic painting on plexiglass & glass


Déco painting tree

particular garden Chaponnay


Family tree

Acrylic painting on canevas 130cm x 80cm

arbre généalogique

Poona Maharastra Inde

toile 6m x 1,5m acrylique entrance hall auditorium yoga center

“Oriental paradise”


Déco shop windows 2017




fresco Italy

Pizzeria Mona Lisa Lyon Charlemagne



Wall painting back of garden Chaponnay 


shop windows 2016





Painting yoga center

Fresque Ile Maurice


Wall painting 30m2 pour de Goodland Mauritius


Wall painting 8m2 “serenity landscape”. Meditation room Casablanca Morocco

shop windows 2015


Graphism & créative painting


Animation – Exposition



Fébruary 2015  mural Lisboa

Wall & doors auditorium   “butterflies to angels”





Janvier 2015  minéral painting on façade

Town hall of Bourg de péage

background of points on housing estate







Décembre 2014 Painting on glass

célébrations of the end of the year





September-october 2014

walls painting

yogi in méditation                                                          Landscape of sérénity

particular/acrylic on wall Madrid/Spain




Juillet 2014  Fresque minéral painting


Garden’ cottage  tahitian landscape



Juin 2014  Painting on savety curtain

Jeweller’s shop Lyon Monplaisir

Acrylic    jewellery and movies



mars 2014 Fresque auditorium Kuala Lumpur/ Malaysia


Acrylic on cannevas 400 x 150 cm   » phoenix »


Décember 2013   painting on glass for the festivals of the end of the year

Décors of the festivals. Acrylic paintings on shop-windows



 November 2013   mural on Venise   restaurant pizzeria Trianon Lyon 3

Fresco 22 m2 the great canal of Venise



August 2013  painting on canevas

Selection of canvas  acrylic paintings



August 2013 Série de 20 canevas 50×40 cm acrylic painting

These paintings are the fruits of a deep méditation looking for the light. I search for a light which give fascination,

fill with wonders, give peace, brings enthusiasm, a boost of life, an introspection,……

Slides-show to download  “light of the 20 mountains“14,2Mo :     lumière de paysage 2








Avril 2013   Auditorium  Jaïpur India

Center of yoga of Jaïpur- auditorium for cultural programs , conférences, méditations, …..



November 2012   Ceilings for person

“Dragon”  and ” Angels”



August 2013 canvas  new style

order of canvas   looking for  graphic style



May 2012   Sign


Sign The “Bergerie des abeilles” – sheepfold of the bees–  St Etienne les orgues



March 2012   painting on building for pastry shop and Indian décoration



 “Patisserie Jouvenal ”  Painting letters and  Painting silhouette

   Indian décor  Maharaja” 270 x 210cm”  house of a person Lyon


showcases year-end celebrations season in 2011

December 31, 2011


Animation Showcase year-end celebration  season – 2010/11

Lyon Area


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2011 Lisbon Portugal Auditorium – India Chennai Conference Hall

October 1, 2011

acrylic paintings on canvas 335 x 200 cm

three new paintings on the theme of a world of peace, joy and harmony.

the specificity of these works lies in a more personal work

with people dancing at the forefront.

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restaurant “New Delhi” Lyon

August 11, 2011


Paint and fake-paint stained glass window on.


drome particular house


Achievement of an entrance hall with fake-sky and two murals.

constraint was to integrate the bowl which become barely invisible.


January 2011 Lyon solar city

restaurant “Maubert”, 85 rue Moncey, 69003 Lyon

Panoramic on canvas (480cm x 175cm)  rubed on inside wall




The painting represents the city of Lyon,named Lugnumum in the past -the celtic god of light – in its form of radiant sun, light, influence over time.

The past is represented by the rise of Gourguillon, one of the most picturesque of Lyon,It’s like a return to the past while climbing the hill to the Celtic god, Lug. The climb begins with the  Square of th trinity where we can found on the corner house  Joseph and Mary, Father and Mother of Christ, and an effigy of an ancient sun rays with alternating helical and rights. The originality of the scene is part of Guignol which  identify Lyon with the characteristic to play with authority. Here Guignol invites us on the terrace of the restaurant “the Sun” to choose our hat (painted behind the glass), that of the order or playfulness. To the right of the building of the fifteenth century following the industrial age with one of the most beautiful bridge in Lyon, the bridge of the University crowned by a cast iron monument dominated four cocks one of which is perched on top of the canvas. The Rooster is the animal that connects Lyon to France, its emblem. The rooster is one that announces the day and light.

This comes alive with the foreground: the magnificent Renaissance portal of Parc de la “Tête d’or” – Golden head- , wearing a coat at the Lion and recall the old slogan of the Middle Ages: “Forward, forward, Leo, the melhor “(forward, Lyon the best forward),” He who keeps the golden skull … “. Basically Fourvière Hill and the Basilica, like a ship full of strength and stability, in front St Michael slew the dragon with his sword sun. To the right of the Guillotière bridge in the center of the painting, the oldest bridge in Lyon, is the Hotel Dieu, grandiose, which overlooks the Rhone River and represents the radiation of the generosity and charity Lyon. On the left,  rue de la “Barre”, Place Bellecour suggested by the building on the corner with the rue de la “République”. The famous sculpture of the Sun King is in the shadows …

The future begins with the representation of Philibert Delorme Gallery (8 Jewry Street, Old Lyon), as a reminder of antiquity and a great architect, inventor and manufacturer virtuoso. Of the building of a perfect mastery extends a facade, as a relic, from which arises from one of the windows  a spiral staircase (staircase at 2 rue St Catherine, Lyon-Terreaux) symbol of evolution of time and ending on a view of the universe where a shining star, a sun in egg-shaped egg … On top of these stairs, head of a lion sovereign(Place Gailleton-Lyon 2), which dominates and supports it by a ring.