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Jean Louis Cohen: Creator of the studio ARTMURAL



After numerous trips to Europe, North Africa, USA, India, .. and at the age of 18 years, a role as a mission taking shape: the search for authenticity. This research is reflected today as a professional activity oriented by artistic création and the practice of yoga meditation.



                              AN ARTISTIC AND SPIRITUAL APPROACH


Create images, a vision that inspired the awakening of the inner being, values ​​and personal qualities: serenity, harmony, balance …wiseness and self respect..


Video reportage Mr Marçais, professeur de Yoga :

Ecole de yoga Lyon






2010 – An approach & a spiritual commitment


1. Numerous interventions in India for making pacifist murals .

2. Animation Seminar on “Mandala”, expression and personal development.

3. Exhibition of paintings of portrait on the spiritual look or virtue & internal power of great souls of the world.



2000 – The experience of the transmition of “know-how”


1. Author of the magazine “The bases of Trompe-l’oeil” édition of Saxe Lyon

2. Teacher of calligraphy in the “museum of printing of Lyon”

3. Teacher trainer for the certificate BMA  graphics & Décors  SEPR



1990 – The “call” of the mur

1. Participation in the realization of the wall-painting of Tony Garnier Urban Museum -and Balconies of Barcelona with the City of Creation

2. Development activity as a painter and illustrator in the old Lyon





1980 – Determination to become an “illustrator walls”


1. Creating a studio / gallery with two other painters artists in old Lyon rue Juivrerie

2 years training in evening classes as agent designer with SEPR (Society of Professional Teaching Rhone)

3. Self-taught with the paint company in letters “The Pictograph” Lyon Croix-Rousse